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Complete Control

Your domain is under your control. You can enable and disable features and transfer to or from DigitalFyre at any time.


DNS Control

Effortlessly manage and update your name server information along with your A, AAAA, NS, MX, CNAME and other DNS records.


ID Protection

Adding domain privacy keeps your personal information – like your name, email address, and phone number protected.


Registrar Lock

Protect your domains from unauthorized transfer requests, thus keeping your domains safe and secure.


Email Forwarding

Easily setup email forwarding for your domain so you have fewer email accounts and inboxes to monitor.

Transform the way you work

By adding G Suite by Google Cloud, you will get the world’s most advanced email and cloud applications, backed by DigitalFyre's dedicated support team.

Domain Pricing

TLD Register Price Transfer Price Renew Price
.com $12.00/yr $12.00/yr $12.00/yr Register Adult
.net $16.00/yr $16.00/yr $16.00/yr Register Business
.org $15.00/yr $15.00/yr $15.00/yr Register gTLD_Specialty_Sponsored
.me $24.00/yr $24.00/yr $24.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Services
.us $12.00/yr $12.00/yr $12.00/yr Register Education
.asia $24.00/yr $24.00/yr $24.00/yr Register Shopping
.mobi $11.00/yr $11.00/yr $11.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Real Estate
.info $15.00/yr $15.00/yr $15.00/yr Register Featured_Real Estate
.biz $16.00/yr $16.00/yr $16.00/yr Register Featured_Food and Drink_Popular_gTLD_Leisure and Recreation $9.00/yr $9.00/yr $9.00/yr Register Business_ccTLD_Specialty $9.00/yr $9.00/yr $9.00/yr Register ccTLD $9.00/yr $9.00/yr $9.00/yr Register ccTLD_Geography
.cc $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register ccTLD
.uk $9.00/yr $9.00/yr $9.00/yr Register Shopping
.systems $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Community_Geographic
.team $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Interest_Sports
.tech $48.00/yr $48.00/yr $48.00/yr Register Arts and Entertainment_Community_Featured
.technology $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Featured_Real Estate
.today $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Real Estate_Services
.video $20.00/yr $20.00/yr $20.00/yr Register Featured_Real Estate
.voyage $43.00/yr $43.00/yr $43.00/yr Register gTLD_Specialty_Sponsored
.watch $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Food and Drink_Popular_gTLD
.wiki $36.00/yr $36.00/yr $36.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Novelty
.win $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Services
.work $6.00/yr $6.00/yr $6.00/yr Register Leisure and Recreation
.works $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_gTLD_Leisure and Recreation
.world $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Community_Money and Finance
.wtf $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Identity and Lifestyle
.xyz $11.00/yr $11.00/yr $11.00/yr Register Featured_Real Estate
.zone $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Services
.ninja $16.00/yr $16.00/yr $16.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Services
.agency $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Interest
.best $90.00/yr $90.00/yr $90.00/yr Register Featured_gTLD_Identity and Lifestyle
.bio $68.00/yr $68.00/yr $68.00/yr Register Food and Drink_Popular_gTLD_Services
.cafe $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Food and Drink
.care $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Interest
.chat $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Interest
.city $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Money and Finance
.click $13.00/yr $13.00/yr $13.00/yr Register Geographic
.club $14.00/yr $14.00/yr $14.00/yr Register Featured_Novelty
.codes $43.00/yr $43.00/yr $43.00/yr Register Featured_gTLD_Novelty
.company $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Interest_Sports
.computer $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Geographic
.country $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Novelty
.digital $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register ccTLD_Other
.domains $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Interest_Sports
.email $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Geographic
.exchange $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Interest_Sports
.expert $43.00/yr $43.00/yr $43.00/yr Register Geographic
.fit $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register ccTLD_Other
.fyi $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Geographic
.global $68.00/yr $68.00/yr $68.00/yr Register Services
.guru $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Services
.help $31.00/yr $31.00/yr $31.00/yr Register Featured_Shopping
.host $89.00/yr $89.00/yr $89.00/yr Register Featured_Services
.hosting $456.00/yr $456.00/yr $456.00/yr Register Business_Featured
.how $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Services
.ink $36.00/yr $36.00/yr $36.00/yr Register Shopping
.link $13.00/yr $13.00/yr $13.00/yr Register ccTLD
.network $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register ccTLD
.news $20.00/yr $20.00/yr $20.00/yr Register Education
.one $10.00/yr $10.00/yr $10.00/yr Register Education_Featured
.party $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Education_Featured_gTLD
.photo $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Education_Interest
.photography $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Community_Geographic_Identity and Lifestyle
.photos $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register ccTLD
.press $67.00/yr $67.00/yr $67.00/yr Register ccTLD_Other
.show $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register ccTLD_Other
.site $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Featured_Technology
.soccer $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Services
.social $26.00/yr $26.00/yr $26.00/yr Register Featured_Services
.software $26.00/yr $26.00/yr $26.00/yr Register Technology
.space $10.00/yr $10.00/yr $10.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Services
.tv $54.00/yr $54.00/yr $54.00/yr Register Adult
.pw $12.00/yr $12.00/yr $12.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Interest_Services
.eu $12.00/yr $12.00/yr $12.00/yr Register ccTLD_Geography
.ca $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register ccTLD_Geography
.name $11.00/yr $11.00/yr $11.00/yr Register ccTLD
.ac $72.00/yr $72.00/yr $72.00/yr Register Community_Identity and Lifestyle
.io $47.00/yr $47.00/yr $47.00/yr Register Education_Popular_gTLD
.sh $72.00/yr $72.00/yr $72.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Shopping
.bz $30.00/yr $30.00/yr $30.00/yr Register Community_Featured_Shopping
.ws $33.00/yr $33.00/yr $33.00/yr Register Featured_Shopping
.tm $119.00/yr $119.00/yr $119.00/yr Register Shopping
.de $10.00/yr $10.00/yr $10.00/yr Register Arts and Entertainment_Featured
.tc $96.00/yr $96.00/yr $96.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Shopping
.vg $66.00/yr $66.00/yr $66.00/yr Register Featured_Technology
.be $10.00/yr $10.00/yr $10.00/yr Register ccTLD $30.00/yr $30.00/yr $30.00/yr Register Community_Featured_Interest_Sports $30.00/yr $30.00/yr $30.00/yr Register Identity and Lifestyle
.ms $48.00/yr $48.00/yr $48.00/yr Register ccTLD
.gs $65.00/yr $65.00/yr $65.00/yr Register Featured_Interest_Sports $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Leisure and Recreation $30.00/yr $30.00/yr $30.00/yr Register Featured_Technology $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Interest $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Business_Popular_gTLD $42.00/yr $42.00/yr $42.00/yr Register Identity and Lifestyle_Interest $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Community_Featured_Leisure and Recreation $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Interest $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Community_Interest_Sports $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Featured_Interest_Sports $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Novelty $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Leisure and Recreation $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Business $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Community $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Geographic
.in $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Featured_Services
.am $120.00/yr $120.00/yr $120.00/yr Register Featured_Shopping
.nl $10.00/yr $10.00/yr $10.00/yr Register Identity and Lifestyle
.at $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Business_Featured_Real Estate
.it $18.00/yr $18.00/yr $18.00/yr Register Education
.pro $24.00/yr $24.00/yr $24.00/yr Register Featured_Identity and Lifestyle
.cloud $22.00/yr $22.00/yr $22.00/yr Register Featured_Popular_gTLD_Shopping
.online $36.00/yr $36.00/yr $36.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Services
.pub $26.00/yr $26.00/yr $26.00/yr Register Leisure and Recreation
.la $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Community_Geographic
.dance $20.00/yr $20.00/yr $20.00/yr Register ccTLD
.navy $26.00/yr $26.00/yr $26.00/yr Register Geographic
.beer $28.00/yr $28.00/yr $28.00/yr Register Popular_gTLD_Technology
.dev $60.00/yr $60.00/yr $60.00/yr Register Geographic