Protect Your Private Data

  • Protect yourself from spammers, scammers, and telemarketers.
  • Shield personal information from strangers.
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft.

Advantages of Private Registration

Did you know that the central registry will publish your name, address, phone number, and email address on their WHOIS database after you register a domain? This information is available to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Whois Information
Registrant Contact
  • Your Full Name.
  • Your Email Address.
  • Your Business Name.
  • Your Business Address.
  • Your Country.
  • Your Phone Number.

Unprotected Information

Personal information visible to anyone who search for it.

Whois Information
Registrant Contact
  • Whois Agent
  • [email protected]
  • Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
  • PO Box 639
  • Kirkland, WA 98083. U.S.
  • +1 425.274.0657

Protected Information

Personal information hidden and Whois Agent's information is shown instead.

Why you need ID Protect

We know that you want your information to be private and protected. That said, as our domain registrar, Enom is required by international rules to collect several pieces of personal information and store them in a public file called a WHOIS record. It includes your name and contact info (but NOT any financial data). When information being public, anyone can use WHOIS records to pester domain registrants with unwanted solicitations. Fortunately, we offers a ID Protect to shield your personal information from prying eyes.

ID Protection FAQ

Whois records are a principal source of email addresses for spammers. If your domain name has ID Protect, we change the generic email address associated with your domain several times a year. Spammers will see this generic email address, but once we change it, that source of spam will be cut off.
For mail which does not appear to be unsolicited commercial mail, we will either forward the mail or fax the content to you. We will not forward junk mail, or forward any other communication if it becomes apparent that you provided the ID Protect address to third parties.
To prove ownership of your domain, temporarily disable ID Protect and then ask the verifying party to confirm Whois registration details at You can do so easily from the DigitalFyre Client Portal.